English edition of MONKEY Volume 2, edited by Motoyuki Shibata and Ted Goossen, will be published this fall. The second issue features Travel: A Monkey's Dozen, and includes translations into English of work from various issues of the Japanese MONKEY, as well as other works both old and new by writers, artists, and translators from Japan, England, Canada, and the US.




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6 Sea Horse

a story by Hiromi Kawakami
translated by Ted Goossen

14 A woman hears an announcement
on the radio that war has broken out, relatives arrive at her house seeking refuge, when the war ends they leave, then a civil war breaks out
a story by Tomoka Shibasaki
translated by Polly Barton

19 The Overcoat
a graphic story by Satoshi Kitamura

34 Hell
a story by Kikuko Tsumura
translated by Polly Barton

46 Seeing
a poem by Mieko Kawakami
translated by Hitomi Yoshio

48 The Decline of the Aliens + Sheep After Sheep
from City of Ears by Hideo Furukawa
translated by Jordan A.Y. Smith


Travel: A Monkey’s Dozen
56 The Dugong
a chapter from Takaoka’s Travels
by Tatsuhiko Shibusawa
translated by David Boyd

68 Jogging in Southern Europe
an essay by Haruki Murakami
translated by Ted Goossen

74 Whale Leg
a story by Laird Hunt

76 Kurozuka: A Noh Play
from the modern Japanese translation by Seikō Itō
translated and with an introduction by Jay Rubin

83 The Trail
a story by Eric McCormack

89 Five Modern Poets on Travel
selected and translated by Andrew Campana

98 Itō Goes on a Journey, Making
a Pilgrimage to Yuda Hot Springs
a chapter from The Thorn Puller by Hiromi Itō
translated by Jeffrey Angles

108 Toad
a story by Barry Yourgrau

110 Every Reading, Every Sound, Every Sight
a travel essay by Jun’ichi Konuma
translated by Sam Bett

120 My First Trip

essays by Mikako Brady, Hirokazu Koreeda, Miwa Nishikawa, Yui Tanizaki, and Utamaru
translated by Morgan Giles

126 A Report on Travel
a story by Brian Evenson

130 Along the Embankment
a story by Hiroko Oyamada
translated by David Boyd

136 From the Northern Sea
a story by Yasunari Kawabata
translated by Michael Emmerich

144 The Lake
a story by Kyōhei Sakaguchi
translated by Sam Malissa

151 Cardboard Boxes and Their Uses
a story by Taki Monma
translated by Ted Goossen

156 Flying Squirrels
an excerpt from a novella by Yūko Tsushima
translated by Rose Bundy

162 The Most Boring Red on Earth
a story by Aoko Matsuda
translated by Polly Barton

165 I can’t translate this!
Remarks from twelve translators

Jeffrey Angles on natsukashii
Polly Barton on obasan and ojisan
Sam Bett on midori

Michael K. Bourdaghs on everyday words
David Boyd on mi

Anna Elliott on haa
Michael Emmerich on homophonic names
Ted Goossen on fuyukai

Sam Malissa on mimetic words
Jay Rubin on kokoro
Ginny Tapley Takemori on irasshaimase
Hitomi Yoshio on sentence endings

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