翻訳家・柴田元幸が編集長を務める文芸誌「MONKEY」待望の英語版刊行決定!! 第1弾は日本版MONKEYのさまざまな号から作品を厳選して英訳、書き下ろし・描き下ろしも追加した「FOOD: A MONKEY’S DOZEN」!!

The long-awaited English edition of MONKEY, edited by Ted Goossen, Meg Taylor, and Motoyuki Shibata will be published this fall!

The first issue features Food: A Monkey's Dozen, and includes translations into English of work from various issues of the Japanese MONKEY, as well as other works both old and new by writers, artists, and translators from Japan, England, Canada, and the US.




1,650円 (うち税 150円)




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The Peach Itō Threw Rots, and She Becomes a Beast Once Again
a chapter from a novel by Hiromi Itō
translated by Jeffrey Angles

Good Stories Originate in the Caves of Antiquity
Haruki Murakami in conversation with Mieko Kawakami
translated by Ted Goossen

The Razor
a story by Naoya Shiga
with remarks by Hirokazu Koreeda
translated by Ted Goossen

Fujito: A Noh Play
from the modern Japanese translation by Seikō Itō
translated and with an introduction by Jay Rubin

The Visitor
a graphic narrative by Jon Klassen
text by Yōko Ogawa
translated by Lucy North


FOOD A Monkey’s Dozen
Something Sweet
a story by Hiroko Oyamada
translated by David Boyd

Dinner at Mine
an essay by Tomoka Shibasaki
translated by Polly Barton

a story by Kanoko Okamoto
translated by David Boyd

The Heart of the Lunchbox
a graphic story by Satoshi Kitamura

Nori and Eggs for Breakfast
an essay by Kuniko Mukōda
translated by David Boyd

Forest of the Ronpa
a story by Kyōhei Sakaguchi
translated by Sam Malissa

a story by Naoya Shiga
translated by Ted Goossen

Seven Modern Poets on Food
selected and translated by Andrew Campana

The Goose
a story by Barry Yourgrau

a story by Sachiko Kishimoto
translated by Ted Goossen

Dissecting Misogyny: A Live Demo!
a story by Aoko Matsuda
translated by Polly Barton


Counterfeiting García Márquez
a story by Hideo Furukawa
translated by Jordan A.Y. Smith

Simone + Reminiscing
vignettes by Hiromi Kawakami
translated by Ted Goossen

A Tired Town
a story by Steven Millhauser

Five Prose Poems by Makoto Takayanagi
translated by Michael Emmerich
Living on the Far Side of the Moon
The Head of an Albatross
Sambucus Sieboldiana’s Lament
People Who Live in Walls
Messages from Space

Finding Mother
an essay by Jeffrey Angles

Why hasn’t this been translated?
Remarks from nine translators
Jeffrey Angles on Seikō Itō’s Imagination Radio
Polly Barton on Kō Machida’s Confessions
Michael K. Bourdaghs on Tōson Shimazaki’s Spring
David Boyd on Yukio Mishima’s Lessons in Letters
Anna Elliott on Haruki Murakami’s Spider Monkey of the Night
Michael Emmerich on Fumiko Enchi’s That Which Takes Away the Luster of
Ted Goossen on Yasutaka Tsutsui’s Professor Tadano of the Faculty of Literature
Lucy North on Reiko Matsuura’s The Day of the Funeral
Hitomi Yoshio on Midori Osaki’s Wandering in the Realm of the Seventh Sense